About Immortal Model Management

We ARE. We dream BIG. We strive. WE LOVE. We feel. We care. We err as all humans. We stay TRUE. 

We know our business. We know our models. We know humility and we know greatness.
We go through storms. We stay STRONG. We are in this together. We are family. We are IMMORTAL.



Who's who:


SVETLANA SHAYKHOUN was a professional model who worked for over a decade an all global markets with many prestigious clients through World's leading agencies. She's been directing Immortal since it's start in 2009. Svetlana blends her gained inside knowledge with intuition to guide models through successful career.


WALLY SHAYKHOUN has been a professional photographer since the 90' working in all major fashion cities. His love for fashion and art and his out going approach has brought him a multitude of connections within the industry. Wally uses his talented eye and networking abilities for discovering new faces as well as placing them with the right people.


TOMAŽ MIHELIČ a.k.a Marlenna has been the first indispensable addition to the original Immortal team. His multitalent from show business to administration business makes him a great model coach, shoulder to lean on and booker. Tomaž currently manages all models and bookings on Slovenian market.